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Treatment Plans

First Responder Care

Brain imaging of those with a history of trauma often show increased activity within the amygdala and a smaller hippocampus. For first responders, it can be hard to flip the stress switch off after work and their bodies may remain in these heightened states even when they’re safe at home. Our goal is to regulate the brain for first responders, so that it counterbalances the effects of their job, giving them a chance at a more psychologically stable life and career. 

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ATTENTION improvement

Safe For ALL Ages!

This treatment focuses on enhancing areas of your brain that are particularly important for attention, executive function, and impulse control – namely your frontal lobes. Dozens of neuroscience studies have shown that brain training through neurofeedback can indeed improve your brain’s frontal lobe functions!

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Addiction recovery care

Any notion that drug addiction owes to a moral failing or a lack of self-control is simply outdated; addiction is a brain disease. Whether your recover from alcoholism, drug abuse, or weightless addiction, neurfeedback can help aid in your recovery and eliminate the possibility of relapsing. Our neurofeedback specialists  can create a brain map to locate any areas in the brain where electrical activity is abnormal.

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Some degree of wear and tear in your body is inevitable as you age, so it is reasonable to expect that your memory would show some signs of decline as well. The good news is there are actions you can take to improve your cognition, just as there are interventions to improve your physical health. By understanding what is causing your memory loss, we can devise a program for you to help address these causes.

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anxiety & depression

A great deal of scientific evidence in the past 30 years has provided evidence for the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a treatment modality for anxiety and depression. In each study, anxiety and/or depression was reduced after neurofeedback training was administered for three months. Neurofeedback has the ability to reshape the brain to improve your overall well-being and achieve your peak performance. 

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Over extended periods of sleep deprivation and insomnia can significantly harm your brain. Patients with chronic insomnia and poor sleep may find it difficult to function normally in day-to-day life. Neurofeedback is a new treatment modality that can replace medications used for these conditions. We will determine the causes of your insomnia and provide you with a treatment protocol that includes neurofeedback, stress reduction, and brain coaching.

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Our mission is to help you reach your peak performance by getting your brain back on track. Our structured, multidisciplinary approach is supported by published clinical research, and our staff is committed to personalizing the program to fit your individual needs.

Our mission understand the core of our patients so that we can get to the root cause of their concerns and treat them as a whole.

Safe For All Ages!

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