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Like Cars, Brains Also Need A Tune-Up.

Your brain is like a super computer with billions of individual neurons making different connections all the time. So just like any complex piece of equipment, maintenance is needed to keep it in top working order. That is the purpose of neurofeedback, to tune the brain to operate as efficiently as possible.

Addiction Recovery care

Any notion that drug addiction owes to a moral failing or a lack of self-control is simply outdated; addiction is a brain disease. Whether you’re recover from alcoholism, drug abuse, or weightless addiction, neurfeedback can help aid in your recovery and eliminate the possibility of relapsing. Our neurofeedback specialists  can create a brain map to locate any areas in the brain where electrical activity is abnormal. From there, the specialist can create a targeted training program to redress inactivity, under activity, or over-activity. As the physiological hallmarks of the addiction improve, the symptoms of addiction should as well, including relapse.

Anxiety & Depression 

A great deal of scientific evidence in the past 30 years has provided evidence for the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a treatment modality for anxiety and depression. In each study, anxiety and/or depression was reduced after neurofeedback training was administered for three months. Neurofeedback has the ability to reshape the brain to improve your overall well-being and achieve your peak performance. 

Medications just treat the symptoms and do not correct the source of the problem in the brain. At Holistic care resources, we measure brain function with a quantitative EEG brain map, so that you can see the reason in your brain for your mood problems. The image at the right is from the qEEG analysis of a patient with a long standing depression. The area in red shows that this client’s left frontal cortex is less active than the right, one of the primary profiles for depression. Once we see the source of the problem, we target that area for change through neurofeedback brain training. This allows you to reshape your brain, not just mask your symptoms.

Attention Improvement

This program focuses on enhancing areas of your brain that are particularly important for attention, executive function, and impulse control – namely your frontal lobes. Neuroscience studies have shown that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as exercise, brain training, specific supplements, and neurofeedback can indeed improve your brain’s frontal lobe functions. Our patients reap the benefits of tailored coaching and neurofeedback, and the majority of our patients leave the program feeling calmer, more focused, and better able to handle the challenges of everyday life.

Memory Enhancement

Brain coaching is a one-on-one session with your personal, dedicated specialist. During your sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk with your coach in order to find easy ways to enhance your memory, reduce stress, improve organizational skills, and discover creative solutions to your challenging life circumstances. In addition to aging, memory loss can be a symptom of many different illnesses or side effect from medications. Our personally tailored program will identify what factors are causing your memory loss and address them through a number of treatment interventions.

Brain Performance Memory

Sleep Deprivation Treatment

Over extended periods of sleep deprivation and insomnia can significantly harm your brain. Patients with chronic insomnia and poor sleep may find it difficult to function normally in day-to-day life. Neurofeedback is a powerful too that can replace medications used for these conditions and help people fall asleep and stay asleep. Over 3000 licensed health professionals now use this new technology daily with patients. They report significant and consistent improvements for clients’ sleep problems. It’s often remarkable how quickly sleep can improve with clients who have been to many different specialists and have struggled with sleep for years. We will determine the causes of your insomnia and provide you with a treatment protocol that includes neurofeedback, stress reduction, and brain coaching

At the Holistic care resources, we take a comprehensive approach to helping clients with sleep. We review many different options with clients to help them assess what’s most appropriate for their proble. If the problem is severe, we record a brain map to take a detailed look to see if there’s a specific EEG problem in the brain that is interfering with sleep. The addition of neurofeedback is powerful, and most people can train their brain to sleep well again.

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